GreenPrint’s turnkey carbon dioxide equivalent reduction program enables businesses, organizations, and individuals to reduce environmental impact, drive incremental profit, and lower carbon dioxide equivalent emissions for little to no cost. GreenPrint neutralizes carbon dioxide equivalent emissions through proportionate investments in carbon offset projects certified by leading international standards and EY. We go a step further and support local green-scape projects in your local communities through exclusive relationships with large global non-profits and a network of over  2,000 local non-profits across the world. Our programs can offset carbon dioxide equivalent emissions by up to 100%.

How it Works

  • We calculate your carbon footprint using a patent protected process supported by the EIA, EPA, Argonne National Laboratory, and other third similar parties.
  • Carbon Emissions are offset through the purchase of, and investments in, certified carbon offset projects. You can find more information on carbon offset projects, standards, and certification here.
  • The entire end to end process is attested to by EY.
  • Depending on your goals, local community projects, like tree plantings through our exclusive partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, and a network of nearly 2,000 nonprofits, can be provided to increase awareness and goodwill.
  • We brand, market, educate and promote the program creating a turnkey sustainable platform for your business. Contact us to learn more.


  • Turnkey with no CapEx or OpEx required
  • GreenPrint invests and retires carbon offsets on publicly available registries on your behalf
  • Sustainability creates a strong consumer engagement platform driving:
    • Increased customer loyalty resulting in higher Net Promoter Scores
    • Increased goodwill with customers and employees
    • Brand differentiation
  • Proactively preempt regulatory pressure