Packaging and Products

Consumers today are becoming more engaged with the brands they love. Purpose and experience are becoming the driving forces behind purchases that used to be focused around price. As such, companies are increasingly finding ways to give back,  address social and environmental issues, and find ways to provide value outside of the box. Leading industry experts have estimated that 84% of global consumers say they seek out responsible products whenever possible, though 81% cite the availability of these products are the largest barrier to not purchasing more. GreenPrint offers an easy way for companies to take the next step and develop programs to reduce the packaging or product environmental impacts with no capital expense or complex consulting processes. Through GreenPrint’s packaging solutions, companies have the flexibility to choose their goals and offset based on volumes of estimated production. Today, GreenPrint provides 3rd party tracking, compliance, and offset services to help companies evaluate and prepare for internal sustainability initiatives from cradle to grave.

How it Works

  • We develop a reduced emissions program to turn your packaging or product water neutral, carbon neutral, 100% renewable energy, and more.
  • Whether it is GreenPrint’s turnkey sustainability program, or a full life cycle assessment (LCA), we are able to measure the carbon, water and energy footprint of your packaging or product and reduce it.
  • We then go a step further and provide strategic services that include best in class marketing and account support. Our focus is making sure whichever program you choose, we align with your goals and invest in high quality certified offset projects counterbalancing your environmental impact.
  • Further, through a network of over 2,000 local non-profit partners, we support local green-scape projects such as reforestation, renewable energy, local park development, and more in the communities our clients serve to invest additional amounts to build consumer and employee goodwill.
  • Separately, we create an exclusive brand and provide best in class marketing and account support to promote the program.
  • Lastly, we provide audited reporting through EY that shows details on the carbon dioxide equivalent emissions, offsets purchased and retired, and local project support. We make sustainability easy and affordable. We also provide audited reporting certified by EY.


  • Promote social responsibility to consumers
  • Increase consumer and employee engagement
  • Create a competitive differentiator for your brand
  • Increase market share
  • Bridge to the Future: Hit future goals now, while developing new technology, materials, etc.
  • Flexible: You choose goals (i.e. carbon neutral, water neutral, 50% renewable energy, etc.)
  • Transferable across suppliers, vendors, and packaging & material types
  • Turnkey and Certified