The GreenPrint Story

GreenPrint was created based on two observations: 1. Consumer purchasing decisions are shifting towards brands that are more socially responsible and 2. Climate change is the number one universal concern among people across the globe.

We realized there exists a huge opportunity to help companies and individuals mitigate their environmental footprints immediately, without having to wait for advances in renewable energy and other complex and expensive technologies.

This is where we began our journey.  To act as a bridge to a more sustainable future. We started our work focused on industries that historically struggled to address sustainability due to consumer price sensitivity, and fierce competition. We began working in the fleet, fuel, and convenience store industries, with the goal of increasing consumer goodwill, sales, and profitability in a socially conscious way – promoting sustainability and reducing our clients’ impact on the environment.  

Our mission is to change the perception that sustainability is unattainable, too costly, or too difficult. We strive to meet our clients where they are on their sustainability path; measure their impact, set realistic goals and strategies, and help them tell their story to their customers and stakeholders.

Good for the environment, good for your business.

Who We Serve

  • The Retail Fuel & C-Store Industry – Restore Retail Gasoline
  • Corporate & Municipal Fleets – Restore Fleet Solutions
  • Businesses, Product Manufacturers, and Service Providers – Certification

Our Mission

We help our clients increase consumer goodwill, sales, and profitability while practicing social responsibility, promoting sustainability, and creating a net-positive impact on our environment.


Advisory Board